Roger Wall

Current activity:

Roger recently completed his involvement with the IEE IEC-SME project and was part of the team that wrote the final report and disseminated the findings in Brussels.He is currently responsible for developing a new MSc course provisionally entitled, ‘Creating A Sustainable Environment’. Roger has also previously worked on business engagement programmes designed to help SMEs develop and market environmental technologies (EnviroInnovate & EBOP).

Rogers current interests are linked to building design and renewable energy technologies. He is also interested in the complexities of sustainable systems and the need to balance many different and often conflicting factors.

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Area of expertise: 

  • Environment
  • Sustainable Development
  • Science and Materials


Before joining the University in 2001, Roger worked for a water resource management consultancy specializing in IT solutions and GIS applications, and as a software engineer for a German consultancy firm.

Roger currently teaches a wide range of environmental and sustainability related topics at HNC, UG and PG levels and is a module co-ordinator for a very successful final year full-school module, Sustainable Development. In addition, he supervises projects at both UG and PG levels.