Low Carbon

Gain insight and help drive sustainable growth in your industry
The Institute for Sustainable Futures (iSF) is one of our three Innovation Institutes at Birmingham City University.

iSF can help businesses and organisations (both public and private) drive innovative regional and international projects, addressing the need for finding sustainable solutions to challenges that affect your organisation. We are currently working with partners in the UK, India and the USA.

Low Carbon

With low carbon initiatives being put in place across both the private and public sector we have the ability to develop more environmentally sustainable processes long into the future. These include renewable energy, bioremediation and biorefining.

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  • Claudia Carter

    Reader in Environmental Governance

    Claudia is co-designed and developing applications of  PARTICIPOLOGY ( www.participology.com ), a resource to engage people in participative planning, training and social learning. Other recent projects include contributions to the  UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) Follow-On programme , focusing on assessing and...

  • Ljubomir Jankovic

    Professor of Zero Carbon Design

    Current activity: In a career spanning three decades, Lubo has worked as an academic, researcher and practitioner on instrumental monitoring, dynamic simulation and environmental building design. He established the Zero Carbon Lab research group, conducts research into design of new and retrofit of existing buildings into...

  • Christine Lloyd

    Senior Lecturer and Researcher, Centre for Low Carbon Research

    Christine’s career was mostly spent in research, working for a range of universities in lean and agile operations in manufacturing. This involved her engaging with many different companies, including Ford, Johnsons, BAT, Balfour Beatty, Nissan and Boots. 

  • Lynsey Melville

    Director of the Centre for Low Carbon Research and Lead of the Bioenergy Research Group, Senior Researcher

    Lynsey has generated over £1.7 million in research income through EU, UK and commercial funded research. Working with multinational companies such as Doosan Enpure she has expertise in process assessment, optimisation and market diversification from pilot-scale to full-scale

  • Ricardo Sodre

    Senior Lecturer in Automotive Engineering

    Ricardo has coordinated cooperative research and innovation projects with a range of industry partners, including Fiat, Chrysler, Ford and Petrobras. His research interests lie in automotive engineering and power generation, with his research experience based in internal combustion engines, pollutant and CO2 emissions,...

  • Roger Wall

    Senior Lecturer

    Roger has also previously worked on business engagement programmes designed to help SMEs develop and market environmental technologies (EnviroInnovate & EBOP). His current interests are linked to building design and renewable energy technologies. He is also interested in the complexities of sustainable systems and the need to...

6 items found, viewing items 1 to 6.