Ljubomir Jankovic

Dr Ljubomir Jankovic

Professor of Zero Carbon Design

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Current activity:

In a career spanning three decades, Lubo has worked as an academic, researcher and practitioner on instrumental monitoring, dynamic simulation and environmental building design. He established the Zero Carbon Lab research group, conducts research into design of new and retrofit of existing buildings into zero carbon buildings. Lubo has established an international conference series, Zero Carbon Buildings Today and in the Future, strengthening partnerships and collaborations, while his book, ‘Designing Zero Carbon Buildings Using Dynamic Simulation Methods’, has been adopted as a core text at several UK, US and European universities. His current research interests include assessing long-term optimisation methods for long-term zero carbon retrofits and a method for eliminating simulation performance gap in buildings built from natural fibrous materials.

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Area of expertise:

  • Zero Carbon
  • Instrumental monitoring,
  • Dynamic simulation and
  • Environmental building design


Lubo Jankovic is a Professor at Birmingham School of Architecture and Design. He leads a Master’s course in Zero Carbon Architecture and Retrofit Design, as well as conducting multidisciplinary research in the field of zero carbon design of buildings.

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