Ali Sharif

What are you doing on your placement?

I am working as an Intern Assistant Project Manager in the Highways Department. I form part of the infrastructure team which means I assist in the management of flood alleviation schemes.

Describe what your placement role is?

My role encompasses a variety of things from creating drawings on AutoCAD, creating cost plans and writing reports. 

Why did you decide to do a placement?

I decided to do a placement in order to gain experience and an understanding of what I will be doing professionally once I’ve qualified.   

What are you hoping to gain from doing your placement?

I aim to improve my understanding of project management and quantity surveying techniques used in industry.

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How did the university help you find your placement?

The university put me in contact with the Building Birmingham Academy, who then provided me with the opportunity to apply for the role.  

What are your future career plans and how has your placement affected this?

My future careers plans are to complete an MA in a subject related to my field in order to become a chartered quantity surveyor. My placement year has put me on the path to achieving this by providing me with an opportunity to enhance my existing skill set.

What advantages has your placement given you?

My placement has allowed me to implement my degree knowledge in a real working environment. This in turn has enhanced my understanding of the construction industry and made me a competent working individual.  

What placement advice do you have for future students?

By opting to do a placement year in industry you will gain a good understanding on how to implement the knowledge you have learnt at university. This will give you an advantage during your final year of study and once you’ve graduated, therefore I highly recommend doing a placement year.