Placemaking: Processes and Practices

Advances in technology in the 21st century are changing the way society is structured and operates. Attention is thus focusing on efficient and effective ways to use digital and other technologies to help shape urban landscapes to meet evolving community demands, and create centres and neighbourhoods where people actually want to live, play and work. This interconnection is remaking – or making new – urban space to be more attractive, distinctive and valuable. This is the essence of Placemaking.

Birmingham skyline

The multi-faceted nature of Placemaking needs to look beyond traditional property and planning to combine contemporary features such as connectivity, sustainability, generational change and governance within the urban environment. Persisting and new challenges need to be documented and researched to provide industry stakeholders with a better understanding of the key issues, trends and debates in order to demonstrate the range and interconnectedness of the challenges we face in creating a better place, and to offer solutions.

Placemaking: Proccesses and Practices 

The Placemaking report combines expertise from across the Property, Planning and Policies research group and seeks to embed the principles of placemaking across a series of important topics, including:

  • Processes and practices
  • Growth and urban expansion
  • Planning policy
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Smart cities and technology
  • Energy efficiency and retrofitting 
  • Finding value in the property market

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