Dr Venkatesh Chennam Vijay

Dr Venkatesh Chennam Vijay received his PhD in Engineering for extending Knowledge-Based Engineering (KBE) principles into engineering distance learning from Birmingham City University (BCU). His expertise involves Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), embedded systems and developing educational tools using a gaming environment.

Vijay has secured and been part of several successful grants in the field of visualisation, decision support systems and virtual/augmented reality. Currently, Vijay has been working on the STEAMhouse India initiative established by Munjal family-run BCM Foundation and Birmingham City University at Ludhiana (India), namely the ‘Munjal Birmingham University Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (MBCIE)’, to promote innovative education, industrial innovation and start-ups in the region.

Areas of Expertise