Student Placements

Selection and recruitment

Students should be subject to a competitive selection process the same way as candidates for permanent positions at a similar professional level.

Students are advised and supported by us to produce CVs and covering letters that will enhance their chances of being called to interview in a competitive environment.

Company induction and Health & Safety

Students should benefit from a comprehensive company induction programme, which includes Health & Safety training appropriate to new employees who may have limited previous experience of the world of work.

We ask employers to complete and return a short Health & Safety checklist, and to countersign a declaration to indicate to us that the student has received health and safety information and training at the commencement of employment.

Above all, we ask employers to provide a safe and healthy working environment in keeping with current legislation and applicable Codes of Practice.

Employment contract and terms & conditions

As far as is possible, students should be employed on similar terms and conditions as other staff, including being issued with a Contract of Employment within eight weeks of the start of their placement.

Student support arrangements

Employers are asked to nominate an individual who is the student's first point of contact for guidance and support. This is normally the student's supervisor or line manager but may be an experienced work colleague.

Progress reviews

The Faculty Industrial Placements Officer is required to review each student on three occasions during the placement period. Employers are asked to accommodate these reviews at their premises and to allow the allocated mentor/supervisor to be present and take part in the review process.

Concerns and grievances

Should you have concerns about the work performance or conduct of any of our placement students, we would ask that you initially deal with this as you would with any of your other employees, using your standard Discipline and Dismissals Procedure. However, we would ask that you keep us informed with progress of the resolution of the concern and invite our Industrial Placements Officer to be present at any subsequent Disciplinary Meeting if the concern has not been amicably resolved at the initial stage.

In the event that you have any concern about the performance or conduct of the Faculty and its officers, please contact the Industrial Placements Officer, as detailed below. If he is unable to resolve the concern to your satisfaction, he will provide you with the contact details for the Programme Director for Admissions & Collaborations.

Our placement students have been advised that should they have any concern or grievance about their employment with your organisation, they should initially approach their supervisor/line manager and pursue their concern/grievance using the standard Grievance Procedure you have in force.

Students are advised to inform our Industrial Placements Officer about any concern or grievance they are pursuing and to request that the employer invites our Industrial Placements Officer to be present at any subsequent meeting if the concern/grievance has not been amicably resolved at the initial stage.

Concerns or grievances should be raised with the Industrial Placements Officer, on +44 (0)121 331 5400 or