Student Placements

The Sandwich Placement Year is an integral and assessed part of the student's Honours Degree programme and as such, has required Learning Outcomes the same as other course modules.

We would ask that the employer positively supports the student's Learning Outcomes through the active involvement of the allocated mentor/supervisor, management and colleagues. Our required Learning Outcomes are as follows:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the industry/business environment in which the employing company or organisation operates
  • Describe the purpose of their role within the context of the business and the contribution it makes to the organisation as a whole
  • Describe the structure of the organisation and the purpose/role of each department and key function within the organisation
  • Identify the purpose and activities undertaken by key individual roles within the organisation
  • Demonstrate employability skills by:
    • Applying for and securing a placement
    • Working effectively within their job role
    • Communicating effectively both orally and in writing
  • Identify the primary policies in operation at the employing organisation and evaluate their effectiveness (e.g. Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, and Environmental).

Students are required to demonstrate their achievement of the Learning Outcomes by maintaining a weekly log of work activity and producing a formal Placement Report on completion. Both items are submitted to the Faculty for assessment. In addition, the student's understanding of the business of the employing organisation is examined at the time of the second progress review.