What is CEDIA?

The Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts (CEDIA) is an exciting initiative that works with University staff and students and external organisations to connect, facilitate and amplify work on equality, diversity and inclusion.

About the Centre for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Arts

CEDIA works across three pillars of activity:

1. Partnership and cultural life in Birmingham and beyond 
  • CEDIA creates local and global partnerships that seek to promote excellence for equality, diversity and inclusion in the arts. 
  • We work closely on new and dynamic projects with our students, staff, creative organisations and communities across the city of Birmingham.
  • Our outputs include public exhibitions, performances, and the production of new artistic collaborations.
2. Academic learning and teaching
  • CEDIA shares knowledge and practice on decolonising the curriculum through research and partnership events. 
  • We work with our students to meaningfully co-create approaches to decolonising the curriculum
3. Research
  • We work with the University's Research Clusters across Arts, Design and Media to share knowledge and practice on equality, diversity and inclusion across the creative industries. This will inform curriculum development and research student and early career researcher support. 
  • Develop Knowledge Exchange Partnerships with our arts and industry partners. This includes sharing knowledge generated from these partnerships with the wider academic community, arts organisations and creative industries.