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Alexander Barratt

Initially having studied artist blacksmithing to degree level my practice evolved to encompass the use of 3D printing as a means of manufacturing components not readily available off the shelf. This amalgamation of tradition coupled with technological advances became the key focus of my practice, developing onto a specific interest into integration and how the incorporation of the modern can enhance and influence both the outcome and the perceived value of the final finished piece. My practice has developed further to consider how 3D scanning can allow for the seamless merger of forged steel and other materials through the medium of digital fabrication, exploring the crossover point between the synthetic and the hand wrought.

Justin Sanders

Justin works across multiple printmaking processes including: stone lithography, woodcut, and digital methodologies to create works that respond to the variances possible through printmaking, and about his responses to the world around him. These can include travel and landscape(s), food and embracing his male perspective on life, the outcomes of which can be both funny and poignant.  He has been exploring his craft for over 37 years of working in printmaking; learning and influencing the unpredictable.