Everyday Legend Groningen Workshop 2017

Everyday legend Groningen workshop EVERYDAY LEGEND GRONINGEN WORKSHOP


DATE: 16 OCTOBER, 2017

Hosted by one of the project partner institution University of Groningen, the Everyday Legend European workshop invited experts and scholars on contemporary Chinese art and Chinese art history to attend a one-day event. The workshop was chaired by Professor Oliver Moore. Prior the workshop, the project team was invited by Professor Moore to visit the Groningen Musuem, where it has collected and exhibited a series of traditional Chinese ceramics and their European imitations.

Groningen Museum

Groningen Museum

Project team at Groningen museum

Project team at Groningen Museum

Both Professor Tjalling Halbertsma, Director of the Centre of East Asian Studies at University of Groningen and Cao Xuefei, Director of Confucius Institute at the university delivered a warm welcome at start of the event. Professor Halbertsma is a lawyer, anthropologist and an expert on Mongolia.

Oliver Moore 2

Oliver Moore

Ann-sophie lehmann

Ann-Sophie Lehmann


Svetlana Kharchenkova


Audience at Groningen Workshop

Speakers for this workshop include Professor Jiang Jiehong, who introduced the project to the Groningen audience with a talk titled “What is Everyday Legend”. Professor Oliver Moore reported the evidence that he gathered through the field trips to China, with a presentation titled “Traditional Arts and Culture as Objects along a Road Trip”. As a chair and host, Professor Moore also invited Ann-Sophie Lehmann, Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art at the University Groningen who spoke about “How Western Artists Engage with Traditional Production Centres in China”. Sebastian Liang, Secretary General from New Century Art Foundation introduced the foundation’s previous support toward contemporary artists and their practices in reconnecting with Chinese tradition and craft skills. Svetlana Kharchenkova from Amsterdam University delivered a talk titled “Envoi What about the Art Market”, which was a comprehensive study and analysis of the changes of Chinese art market throughout the years.