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  • Wenbo Deng

    Doctoral Researcher

    Wenbo’s research focuses on the (re-)interpretation of ceramics architectural elements informing urban visual and cultural identities in Chinese cities. Her research is practice-based and regards the ceramics as a material and cultural element of architecture and urban space, which builds the sensory connection between city...

  • Huichao Feng

    Doctoral Researcher

    Huichao's research focuses on the relationship between the Mosuo (a small ethnic group in China) dwellings as ‘inhabited space’, architectural form and its evolution under the impact of cultural and social changes. Titled 'Cultural Architectural Assets: a new framework to study changes and continuity of dwellings of Mosuo...

  • Nuo Lin

    Doctoral researcher

    Nuo Lin focuses on the orientation and operating methods of private art museum area, which were underpinned by the cross-discipline perspective. This research subject relates to cultural policy as well as museology. 

  • Federica Mirra

    PhD Researcher

    Postgraduate researcher in contemporary Chinese art and urbanization. Sinologist and Research Assistant for the PgR Studio at Birmingham City University.

  • Lily Mitchell

    Doctoral researcher

    I’m an artist and curator with a background in printmaking and sound art. I have always had an interest in language and linguistics. I developed an interest in Chinese contemporary art in 2012 while working at the Bluecoat gallery in Liverpool.

  • Su Yin Jennifer Ng

    Doctoral Researcher

    Jennifer Ng is an artist and art educator. Originally trained as a Chinese ink painter during her diploma education at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, she went on to receive both the Bachelor of Arts and the Masters in Art Education degrees at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her art practice...

  • Ying Sun

    Doctoral Researcher

    Ying Sun is from Qingdao. Her current research explores the square dance in urban spaces in contemporary China, which is funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Supervised by Prof. Jiang Jiehong and Dr. Xiao Jieling, her research topic is ‘Square dance in Urban Spaces in Contemporary China’. In the 21st century, square...

7 items found, viewing items 1 to 7.

Past students
Dr Linda Pittword (2019)

Thesis Title: Inscribing women onto bodies: an encounter with performance, photography and video art from Beijing and Shanghai 1999-2016 

Dr Peipei Yu (2018)

Thesis Title: Seeking the cultural originality – a critical study on contemporary product design in China

Supervisors: Prof Jiang Jiehong 

Dr Sijing Chen (2018)

Thesis Title: The Creative Beings: The Visual Culture of Guai in China from 1949 to 1978

Supervisors: Prof Jiang Jiehong and Dr Sian Vaughan

Dr Yanyan Wang (2017)

Thesis Title: Creating a New Urban Culture: a critical study on the educational significance of the Shanghai Biennale

Supervisors: Dr Sian Vaughan, Prof Darren Newbury and Prof John Butler

Dr Rachel Marsden (2017)

Alongside her PhD studies, Rachel worked as a coordinator and research assistant at CCVA between 2011-2016 responsible for coordinating the Centre's research activities, including its annual conference.

Thesis Title: The Transcultural Curator: Translating Networked Curatorial Practices in the Chinese Context Since 1980

Supervisors: Prof Jiang Jiehong and Prof Darren Newbury

Dr Jian Leng (2015)

Thesis Title: Gatekeeping the Arts: National Policy, Student Perception and the Art and Design Entrance Examination in China

Supervisors: Prof Jiang Jiehong, Prof Darren Newbury and Prof Jian Ming Song

Dr Ching-Yu Huang (2012)

Thesis Title: The Integration of Chinese Historical Costumes and Contemporary Women's Fashion: with Special Reference to the Paddy Field Dress

Supervisors: Prof Colin Gale, Dr Anne Boultwood and Dr Zang Yingchun

Dr Feng Su (2008)

On the Interpretation of Cloud Imageries in Chinese Visual Culture

Supervisors: Prof Nick Stanley and  Prof Jiang Jiehong