Lee Hewett

Lee Hewett

Lecturer in Fine Art and Art and Design

Birmingham School of Art
0121 331 5875

Lee is an artist, designer, researcher and lecturer who works across a range of disciplines including sculpture, books/publications, photography and moving image. Lee has worked on a range of funded research projects, edited journals and also has teaching experience covering a broad range of levels and subject areas including Fine Art, Art and Design and MA. 

His practice is interested in ideas concerning system aesthetics, network bodies, material sense, entanglement of art/physics and the possibilities of post-internet art practices. Recent work has included a series of commissioned sculptural works that are installed in London (High Holborn / Bond Street), Cambridge (Gould Research Centre) and New York (HBC International Art collection). Each references a diagrammatical system with precise networked arrays of textile objects that create complex material surfaces or conjunctive bodies. Each work invites relational interaction and explores the dichotomy between order and disorder, certainty and uncertainty, geometry and sense. 

Lee is also currently undertaking a practice-led PhD at the Royal College of Art, currently titled ‘Beyond Coherence: Sticky granularity, systems aesthetics and post-internet art futures’.