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Graduates of BA (Hons) Architecture and MArch Architecture are eligible to sign up to PEDR support to count towards your 24 months professional experience required for the RIBA Part 3 qualification.

This gives you access to a member of staff as your Professional Studies Advisor (PSA) when carrying out the work experience which will be documented in your RIBA Personal Education and Development Record (PEDR).

This support gives you:

  • personal guidance and support from a 'Professional Studies Advisor'.
  • job leads through our partners in practice, throughout the West Midlands and nationwide.
  • help with your PEDR (which is submitted every 3 months) as relevant experience is gained. Each PEDR sheet requires a PSA signature before you submit them for your final Part 3 qualification.
  • retrospective PEDR sheets (outside of the 2 months from the end date of the period), which can also be signed to provide validated experience but without the PSA comments.

The enrolment fee for PSA access and PEDR support is £275 per annum (up to 4 PEDR sheets) over an 18-month period.

Architecture students can pay for a combined package of our Beyond Grad scheme and PSA/PEDR support for a total fee of £375. Please use this link to purchase this offer. Registration to Beyond Grad requires you to submit additional information. Please go to the Beyond Grad webpage to submit.

PSA/PEDR support is also eligible for non-BCU graduates.

Please note: PEDR registration is also required via the RIBA PEDR website.

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