Alex Albans

Dr. Alex Albans gained his PhD in Landscape Architecture at Birmingham City University in 2015. His research focused on how landscape architects interpret sites and examined the factors which shape their resultant design decisions. The research was informed by experience gained teaching postgraduates with Prof. Kathryn Moore over a number of years. For his Bachelor’s degree, Dr. Albans read Geography at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth where he specialised in historical urban and rural geography and cartography, writing his dissertation on the post-war planning and development of Coventry city centre.

After his degree, Dr. Albans worked as a land and building surveyor and then at the Land Registry where he developed a fascination with historical maps. In 2001 Dr. Albans returned to university to study landscape architecture at BCU, passing his Post Graduate Diploma with distinction in 2004.

In addition to his work at CATiD, Dr. Albans is a member of staff at Coventry Cathedral’s international Reconciliation Team where he coordinates a number of new peacebuilding and reconciliation projects and programmes. He also works as a mediator with organisations whose personnel are experiencing conflict in their working relationships.