Work placement for Design Management student

Kieran Clayton

Birmingham City University student, Kieran Clayton, is currently working towards his Masters in Design Management at the School of Architecture and Design. Alongside his study, he has recently completed a work placement with growing and thriving Ikon Furniture, commercial and bespoke furniture specialists in Manchester.

MA Design Management

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The MA Design Management course is designed to give students the knowledge required to bridge the gap between design and business, while developing the requirements sought for in industry today.

Work placements can be a vital element when entering a fiercely competitive job market. On the Design Management course, a work placement is encouraged to develop independent study skills and provide students with the missing link between education and employment.

Ikon Furniture logo During his placement, Keiran expanded his industry knowledge and developed the skills he's gained at university by applying them to real-world projects.

“During my time there I learned and worked on a number of different skills, particularly all about the development process that the team goes through to come up with a bespoke furniture solution and a wider view of interior design as a whole. My placement also gave me a real-life and in-depth insight into key areas of the industry such as safety, research, materials and CAD software.”

When asked where he sees himself in five years' time, Kieran responded,

"After completing my Masters in August I want to work as a Furniture Designer. But if I have to look ahead by five years I’d say I can see myself working as a Design Manager for a furniture company." 

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