What our students say

Architecture - BA

"I liked the department’s attitude towards self-directed learning and their hands-on educational techniques. The department also promoted a strong identity of students learning from one another which in turn created great camaraderie and a positive, supportive environment."

Elizabeth Clayton – Architecture (RIBA Part 1 Exemption) – BA (Hons)

"Birmingham has an excellent architectural community, connecting both students and professionals, enabling the School to provide lectures, presentations and even one-on-one tutorials with many distinguished architects, both local and national."

Holly Rose Doran – Architecture (RIBA Part 1 Exemption) – BA (Hons)

Landscape Architecture - BA

"Having completed an extraordinary BA (Hons) in Landscape Architecture course, I can say that I have come away with a unique experience where thinking outside the box is strongly encouraged and no idea is disregarded but instead embraced."

Nyarai Marema – Landscape Architecture – BA (Hons)

Design and Visualisation - MA

“The course has transformed my design thinking by combining sophisticated technological processes and theory within industry-led projects.”

Joseph Stanford-Turner, Design and Visualisation - MA

Architecture - RIBA Part 2 - BA

"The opportunity to discover and explore new interests provided by the course, combined with the diverse backgrounds of both students and staff, means that I would recommend the University to anyone considering their Part 2 options."

Andy Wolfe – (RIBA Part 2 Exemption) – BA (Hons)

“Getting a Master’s in interior design from a highly reputable university gave me immense confidence to make a start in the design industry.

Immediately after I finished my MA course, I got selected for a six-month entrepreneurship scholarship programme for students who are interested in starting their own business.” 

Anupriya Vyas, Interior Design - MA

“An ideal course for students who seek that competitive edge when entering the real design world. The course allows you the opportunity to promote your thoughts and ideas and in turn builds up your confidence in knowing you can be an influential designer.” 

Thomas Parry - MA Product and Furniture Design