Dr Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri

Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri

Lecturer in Architecture and Design

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design
+44 (0)121 331 5000

Dr. Senem Zeybekoglu Sadri studied architecture at Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her PhD on “Urban Regeneration and the Right to the City” in 2008. Her post-doctoral research at the City College of New York, USA, focused on urban housing organisations and community-based planning and design.

Since 2000, she has been teaching various modules and leading design studios in architecture and interior architecture courses in different universities in Turkey, Cyprus, and the UK. During this period, she co-initiated several live and collaborative projects in partnership with universities, communities, NGOs, and local authorities in Turkey, Cyprus, and Italy. Her teaching focuses on ecological design, inclusive design, community-based planning, and participatory design.

She is the co-founder of Ecodemia, an ethical and socio-ecological academia which provides training programs in ecological and regenerative design fields. She is also a certified Permaculture Designer and certified Passivhaus Designer.

She published several articles, book chapters, and books on transformation of cities and urban regeneration, urban social movements, politics of public space, and the right to the city. Her co-edited book entitled “Cities without Capitalism” was recently published by Routledge.

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