Dr. Rasha Sayed Mahmoud

Flying Faculty for BIFCA and Link Tutor for BIFCA & SHAPE

Birmingham School of Architecture and Design

Rasha has a PhD in environmental architecture design and urban planning, and has been in international private practice as a licensed professional architecture consultant for sixteen years. By 2017/2018, Rasha finished her program as a Visiting Scholar at MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Urban Planning Department DUSP, sustainable cities program that enriches the personal capabilities to teach, practice, and contributes to global development policies and strategic plans. The project research title was “Promoting local community integration in world heritage site planning: George Town, Penang, Malaysia”. Currently, she is working as a lecturer on Birmingham City University’s Landscape Architecture programme.

Rasha graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering - Architecture Department 2004, then got a scholarship to finish her Masters' Degree from Scuola Superiore di Catania, Italy class 2009/2010, in Landscape Design, and Environmental Planning. In 2010, she started her P.HD studies in Landscape Design and Urban Planning, from Cairo University. Thesis Title “Climate change and Sea Level Rise impact on Coastal Urban Communities - Environmental urban design as an approach to mitigate and adapt with changes on North Egyptian Coastal Lines”. In 2018, she finished the program of Professional Trainer Board Member, from Missouri State. Currently, during her work as a lecturer at Cairo University and MSA University. Also, she is the CEO of SAAB Consultants & Design firm and is affiliated with P4CA, Planners for Climate Actions, UN.

Rasha has been working parallel with different authorities in the field of climate change actions for several years. She worked in implementing development for climate actions on different levels of architecture, urban planning, and environmental landscape design while respecting local stakeholders and peoples' reactions. Rasha has experience in the field of cities and development policies, climate change, safer cities, resilience cities, and other cross-cutting issues as her practice for more than 15 years inside Egypt and on an international scale in cooperation with different authorities for research and scientific papers.

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