Placements and Internships

Your university course will provide you with a breadth of knowledge in your chosen industry, but there are many benefits to discovering more about your sector alongside your degree that will give you the opportunity to learn more and get your foot in the door.

Employers’ value experience highly, particularly experience and skills that are relevant to the role you’re interested in.

A great way to gain skills in the area you’re interested in is to do a placement, internship, work experience or a project to give your CV an extra boost. These opportunities will not only give you the chance to learn further and discover more about your chosen industry, but will also allow you to build a network of contacts and potentially gain future employment in the sector.

As BCU Alumni, you can access support from the Careers+ team for at least three years after your graduate. The Careers+ team can support with placements, internships and projects as well as employment opportunities.

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