Panch Suntharalingam

Course Director, MA Design and Visualisation

Dr Panch Suntharalingam is currently the Course Director for MA Design at Birmingham City University.

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I am the Course Director for MA Design and Visualisation with leading industry engagement and teach postgraduate students in Design and Visualisation, Product Design, Interior Design, and 3D Design in the UK and internationally.


Areas of expertise and interests include Design Visualisation, Engineering Product Design, Industrial Design, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programmes, Software Programming, Enterprise Development, Medical Product Design, Interior Design, Research and Rapid Prototyping, and Computer Aided Design (CAD).


A high percentage of our students will complete their studies successfully and secure jobs in a variety of design roles, or to pursue research degrees. Students who have joined the course from other design-related courses have benefited from having a higher degree that allows them to pursue their career with a broader perspective and greater scope than was previously open to them. Students completing the course have worked as Interior Designers in a variety of related industries such as set designers for BBC television. 

Product Design students have worked in companies that build household products such as VAX vacuum cleaners. A variety of other job opportunities whether you have chosen the interior or product option have been made possible in roles such 3D Visualisers for companies such as IKEA and various Architectural consultancies.

Notable projects

Creating a transportation trolley with a neonate incubator that uses a unique shock absorbance system for UK NHS Ambulances. The incubator features a quick-release mechanism that disengages the oxygen, power, and other survival supplies in the event of a road traffic incident. What makes the safety of neonates in the incubator unique compared to previous designs is that it isolates the baby from sudden accelerations and decelerations to reduce the stress on the neonate's brain during road transport. Students from this course have secured jobs with this company that produces safety products for commercial buildings and NHS UK.