Lianne Forbes, Visual Effects Course Leader.

Lianne Forbes

Course Leader, Senior Lecturer in Visual Effects

Lianne is a Senior Lecturer with 14 years of high-end VFX film industry experience. Her focus is on forging strong links between the University and industry. She plans to develop student awareness of industry practices and produce more opportunities for them to engage with industry professionals.

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I have 14 years of high-end Visual Effects (VFX) film industry experience that spans 4 continents. My focus is on forging strong links between the university and industry. I want students to develop industry practices and hopefully present them with more opportunities to engage with industry and ultimately become highly skilled and employable graduates.

Journey to BCU

My background is very practical as I spent 14 years in the VFX world, traveling to various countries to work for specific companies and projects. I enjoyed being able to pick and choose the contracts and projects that I worked on. My career was heavily dominated by training young starters and giving them opportunities to move upwards in their careers. When I chose to move closer to home again, education was a natural avenue for me and I found BCU.

Industry connections

I have many industry connections, some of which I’ve developed since being at the University, and I continue to expand these connections through networking, conferences and keeping in touch with graduates who go onto work in industry. I am privileged to have connections with companies like Industrial Light and Magic (ILM), Framestore, Pixomondo, Animal Logic and Big Tooth Studios to name a few.

Notable projects

My claim to fame is getting my name on a wand box in the Warners Brothers Studios Harry Potter exhibition. I had the privilege to work on 3 of the movies and as a member of the crew my name is on a wand box which is very special to me. I have also been part of two Oscar winning teams, one for Hugo and the other for Blade Runner 2049 along with being part of the Emmy Award winning team for Game of Thrones season 2 and 3.