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You’ve decided you want to go to university and you’ve done your research. So what’s next? You’ll find useful advice on the UCAS application process and personal statements, as well as downloadable resources to help you to plan and write your own.

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Think you know everything about UCAS?

This activity will support you with your UCAS application. Test your knowledge and see if you can get 100%!

Learn how to write the perfect personal statement

It is important that you have a plan of what you wish to include within your personal statement. You need to demonstrate skills and knowledge that are relevant to the course/subject that you are applying to. These should come from four key areas; your future plans; your school/college life; your work experience; and your interests and hobbies. These handouts will help you write the perfect personal statement.

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Think you're a personal statement expert?

This activity will support you with planning, structuring and writing your personal statement. Test your knowledge and see if you can get 100%!

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