Our values

BCU’s Values underpin how we work in achieving the ambitions set out in our Strategy and Priorities, and are the principles that unite the way we work together and for our students.  As the University for Birmingham, our values also reflect our relationship with the city, how we care about our community and the collaboration we use to get the best results. 

Our Values are not just words on a page but actions and behaviours that can be seen, heard and felt in what we do every day.

At BCU, our mission is clear – we aim to be the University for our city, and to enable individuals to transform their lives and achieve their potential. Our staff, and the experience they deliver for our students, are at the heart of this work, and our shared values underpin our aims.

BCU’s values are the principles which unite the way we work together and for our students. These are not mere words on a page – they are active, real, and able to be lived by each and every one of us who works here, developed in close collaboration with our staff.

So, what are these values? Ok, here goes…

First up… We create opportunity. We empower our students and enable our staff to flourish and thrive.

We create opportunity through the work of researchers like Adam Kelly. Adam’s work addresses the barriers and issues which prevent access and representation in professional sport.

We don’t judge those who feel like they just don’t fit in - we celebrate the road less travelled.

And our next value….. We think differently. We’re not afraid to challenge the norm, using creative thinking and teaching to get the best possible results.

We think differently by employing teaching methods like those of Islam Issa. Islam uses his knowledge of classic literature to empower and inspire his students, using literature’s impact on different communities to transform his teaching.

We’re a home to free thinkers and those who ignore the word impossible.

And finally…. We build community. We are a community working to transform lives on and beyond our campuses, as the University for Birmingham.

We build community through the initiatives of heroes like Elizabeth Burton, whose buddy scheme helps her to give international students a home away from home.

We break down barriers, creating places which can be a proud home for everyone and support people to make their dreams a reality.

Our values reflect a University which cares about its community, has high expectations of the work it does and looks for ways to use its rich heritage of creative thinking to solve problems. Together, they form a unique story of who we are and how we want to support our students and our communities.

We Create Opportunity

Living this value means showing our commitment to:
  • Motivating, encouraging and empowering others
  • Recognising and nurturing potential in others
  • Initiating opportunities for personal growth and development
  • Enabling others to grow, thrive and be their best
  • Treating others equally, being fair and tackling inequality

We Think Differently

Living this value means demonstrating that we are:
  • Questioning and challenging the norm
  • Thinking and teaching creatively
  • Introducing and encouraging innovation
  • Actively seeking out new ideas and perspectives

We Build Community

Living this value means we are actively:
  • Accepting others for who they are, fostering an environment of mutual respect
  • Working collaboratively in teams and building productive working relationships
  • Valuing each other and building and celebrating equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Dedicating time and talents to community projects
  • Identifying opportunities to transform lives on and beyond our campuses
  • Making a personal commitment to living the values in your team

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