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Workshops and tutorials

Within the Centre, our tutors can run workshops and tutorials on a variety of topics, including:

  • Academic essay and report writing
  • English
  • Referencing
  • Dissertations
  • Presentation skills
  • Maths and statistics
  • Computing and programming
  • Project management
  • Study skills

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Workshop information

We put on a range of workshops throughout the academic year which may help with your studies. All of our listed workshops are available for any student in the university to attend.

We also run some drop in sessions where our tutors will be available for you to seek support without having to book ahead.

The topics of some of these workshops include:

  • Dissertations
  • Harvard referencing
  • Presentation skills
  • Critical Analysis
  • Numeracy
  • Statistics

We also run several workshops for international students to support them with their English language.

If you cannot find a workshop or drop in that you think will help you, consider booking a tutorial.

Workshop timetable

Tutorial information

Tutorials need to be booked online.

Tutorials are held on most week days at the City Centre campus or online.

Tutorials can be booked up to two weeks in advance - don't wait until the last minute before trying to book a tutorial.

Don't forget: it is possible that the information you are seeking is already in one of our study guides and/or referencing guides; or it may be included in our workshops or general resources.

Tutorial guidelines

For each topic of tutorial, you can only book one appointment per week (pending availability).

Tutorials slots normally last for 30 minutes. For some technical subjects you may be allowed to book a 60 miute appointment.

If you cannot attend your tutorial: please log in again to the tutorial system, click on your booked tutorial and complete the cancellation form that will appear. Failing this, please email us at success@bcu.ac.uk.

If you do not let us know and miss an appointment, a record will be kept. Repeated failure to attend may affect your ability to book future appointments.

If you want to discuss a written assignment, please print out or send your tutor your work before you come for the tutorial. We recommend that you bring anything from your first draft/ideas to your final copy. Just remember - you need to know which parts of your work you want to focus on and ask questions about in the tutorial. For technical tutorials, please bring your question or data set.

If you book a technical tutorial, please also email details of what you need advice on to the tutor beforehand, if possible.

Bookings are normally one to one but you can bring a maximum of two friends (or classmates) with you to your tutorial.

What we can cover in the tutorials:

Look at part of your work and make suggestions on, for example, how to improve your academic writing style.

Advise you how to structure your work, use sources and reference correctly.

Give advice on reading techniques, research methods, critical analysis, statistical analysis, etc.

Look at your data and make suggestions about how you could analyse it, and show you a trial analysis so that you learn how to do it for yourself.

What we can't do with you in a tutorial:

Proof-read or edit your work for you.

Comment on the subject matter or explain your topic to you.

Make decisions for you about your data analysis or do your data analysis for you.

Using the online booking system

Information coming soon.

If you have any problems please contact us by email: success@bcu.ac.uk.

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