Honorary Graduates

Each year we make a number of honorary awards to distinguished individuals. These are awarded in recognition of outstanding service to the University, to the City of Birmingham or the local community, or to public/professional life nationally or internationally.

Honorary degrees are conferred at our award ceremonies in January and July, where we celebrate the achievements of our recent graduates and formally confer their degrees.   Honorary award holders provide positive role models whose achievements we hope our graduates will be keen to emulate in their own careers.

Conferment of honorary awards can both recognise an existing relationship between the individual and the University, or signal the potential for a future relationship.

We welcome nominations for honorary degrees from any member of staff, students, members of the Board of Governors, and the general public.  As part of our equality and diversity mission, we particularly welcome nominations for candidates from backgrounds or groups who are currently under-represented in civil life.  Awards are made without bias in relation to gender, race, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

The University is also particularly keen to honour individuals who have rendered services to the University and/or local community, culturally, socially or economically, and particularly those who have made a voluntary contribution to the City of Birmingham or the surrounding region.

Please read the criteria below before completing the Nomination Form.  Eligible nominations will be copied to members of the Honorary Awards Committee, which is responsible to the Board of Governors and to Academic Board for decisions on honorary awards.

Nominations must be submitted via the Nomination Form in order for the Honorary Awards Committee to receive and consider nominations consistently.

Please note that all sections of the form must be completed by the Proposer to be eligible for consideration. No further due diligence will be undertaken and the decision of the Committee will be based solely upon the information provided within the form.

Proposals must remain strictly confidential and the Nominee must not be notified.

Honorary Doctorates of the University are conferred in accordance with the following criteria:
1. Candidates should have a demonstrable track record of at least one of the following:
  • outstanding contributions to public or professional life nationally/internationally, and who command national/international recognition in their field;
  • distinguished service to the City of Birmingham or its locality;
  • outstanding contribution to the work or interests of the University, particularly in a voluntary capacity;
2. Current staff, students and governors of the University are not eligible for nomination;
3. Candidates should not normally be serving politicians;
4. Candidates should not normally be former members of University staff, nor current staff of its academic partner institutions. Where such individuals are honoured, this will be on the grounds of achievements made outside of their association with the University;
5. An individual may not nominate themselves for an honorary degree, nor submit a nomination for a member of their own family.

Download the nomination form

Please send completed Nomination Forms via email to: rachel.king@bcu.ac.uk
Rachel King, Honorary Awards Committee Secretary (+44 (0) 121 331 6546)
Honorary Fellowships: Royal Birmingham Conservatoire
The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire have a long and established tradition of awarding Honorary Fellowships.
Should you have any queries in relation to these awards, please contact:
Dr Shirley Thompson – Principal, Birmingham Conservatoire Tel. No. 0121 331 5910