New Academic Regulations

Posted 20 February 2024

Student in exam

Following a comprehensive review of the Academic Regulations in 2022/23, a new set of assessment regulations were introduced in 2023/24.

The new Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught Regulations were widely discussed and consulted upon, and overwhelmingly staff and students have welcomed the new shorter, simplified regulations.

The new regulations clearly outline the rules around assessment, progression and award. The complexities associated with discretionary decisions have been removed, which will ensure that student progression and award decisions are applied consistently across the University’s home and partner provision.

The regulations are being implemented on a phased basis, and so they only apply to new students and certain groups of returning students in 2023/24. The students to whom they will apply are clearly listed at the front of the regulations. This means that the Sixth Edition of the former Academic Regulations will continue to apply to students completing Level 5 and Level 6 in 2023/24 (there have been no significant changes to these Regulations).

We have produced a Student Guide to the new regulations, which we request you circulate to all your students.

Assessment and Feedback Policy

The Assessment and Feedback Policy supplements and expands upon the information and requirements set out within the Academic Regulations. It addresses all aspects of the assessment process from the development of assessment tasks to marking, feedback to students, external moderation and Module Assessment Boards (MABs) and Progression and Award Boards (PABs).

If you have any questions about the regulations or Assessment and Feedback Policy, please do let us know. We’re happy to arrange briefing sessions for you and your colleagues at any time.