Introduction by Vice-Chancellor Professor David Mba

Posted 20 February 2024

Professor David Mba

“On arriving at BCU last October, I made it my priority to ensure that everything we do focuses on unleashing the potential of our students, ensuring a consistent focus on their experience. I know that you, as a trusted partner of our University, share in this ethos.

"Indeed, in my relatively short time at BCU, I’ve spoken with many of the universities and institutions we work with – I am constantly impressed by the depth, range and quality of the courses, teaching and training that we deliver collaboratively.

“We greatly value the work we do with our higher education partners, as it forms a critical component of our ability to unleash young people’s potential. Working together we help our students to meet societal challenges.

“If we are to ensure that our relationship remains mutually beneficial - and always with the quality of our students’ educational provision at the core of what we do – there has to be a regular flow of worthwhile communication between yourselves and our University. Through improved connections, I’m confident we will build on our academic partnerships, we’ll provide you with timely updates on practice and procedures, and together we will capitalise on opportunities in the future.

“Therefore, I am pleased that through this new regular email communication, BCU is continuing to strengthen the links that we have with our academic partners. I look forward to seeing how that bond will develop further.”

Professor David Mba