Tell us your story 2011

Our students are entrepreneurial, enterprising, forward-thinking, creative and ambitious. They are successfully upgrading their own futures through hard work, extracurricular activities, volunteering in the community, training and personal development.

Criminology student
"Has become a role model and friend to peers on his course after overcoming personal difficulties to succeed at University."

PhD Health Student
"Outstanding commitment has equalled huge success during PhD by publishing in several high impact journals; has presented work at European conferences and currently has work under-review
for more journal publication."

MA Design Management
"One of the busiest students on the course, Paula volunteered to help with the Triumph project alongside her full time job. Although, the project has added considerably to her workload, she sees it as an opportunity to build her knowledge and experience."

MA Design Management
"A Master's student with 10 years of industry experience, Katie has recently left full-time employment to set up her own design consultancy business, so she is juggling motherhood alongside her career, her Master’s studies and the new business."

Criminology student
"First Class Honours Degree student Sophie is clearly passionate about Criminology and enhancing employability; winner of several Faculty awards, she has also received recognition for extra-curricular activities with the Midlands Award for Student Employee of the Year and the Aimhigher Birmingham City University Mentor of the Year Award."


MA Social Media student
"Using the Student Academic Partner scheme as a platform to work collaboratively with other students to improve the experience of International Postgraduate students."

Conservatoire student
"Pioneered a project to inspire homeless people via music. Sam encouraged participation in song writing and singing and was so successful has been offered employment to continue running the group."

Business School student
"One of the founding members of the Business School Student Council, Siara is passionate and committed to building a stronger student community."

Media and Communications student
"Carries out work to improve the experience for current and future students through work as a Student Council Mediate, Student Academic Partner, PR Officer and Secretary."

Trainee Teacher
"Trainee teacher Verity has thrown herself into all aspects of University life, inspiring others to challenge themselves – most recently she has delivered her findings from Student Academic Partnership scheme to whole PGCE Secondary cohort."

BEng Telecomms student
"Inspiration to fellow Engineering colleagues by applying real life experience from serving in British Army."

Business School Masters Student
"Proven to be dedicated to enterprise and entrepreneurship, recent BEST award winner Roland is the Founder and President (2010/2011) of the Entrepreneurship Society and is currently undertaking a SAP project to further develop this important area of work."


Art student
"Has created a national media stir by turning living room into an ‘art space’ for new aspiring artists across the country. The Multitalented artist has also undertaken a Student Academic Partnership project focussed on preparing students for life after University."

Business School student
"One of the founding members of the Business School Council Forum, Uzair arranges events and activities to build a stronger, inclusive student community."

Jewellery and Silversmithing student
"Using creative talent to raise money for Children’s Hospital."

Third year Property, Construction, and Planning Student
"A 'role model' making an impact on lecturers and employers alike with his Inter Professional Project 'Grad Pads'."

Visual Communication student
"Photography student involves himself on award-winning SAP scheme to educate future students and to relieve pressures on Studio Technician. Most recently his work has been published in the Royal Photographic Society journal."

Third Year Criminology student
"Inspiring people with life experience."

MSc Project Management student
"President of Post Graduate Society achieving academic excellence."

Third Year LLB (Hons) Law student
"Local mum awarded top national Law scholarship."