What do we look for in an Extra Mile Award nomination?

Have they gone above and beyond?

Everyone strives to do their best whether it be in their role or throughout their studies, but we want to hear about those who have done extraordinary things and gone above what is expected of them on a day to day basis.

Choose the most appropriate category

It only takes a few minutes to read through our awards criteria so have a read of each one carefully and select the one that best represents your nominee so they have a good chance of winning.

Is your nomination detailed?

Giving us as much detail as possible can really help our judges get a feel of why someone should win. Try and paint a clear picture so your nominee doesn’t get overlooked. Simply outline the reason, what they’ve achieved and why you think they should win.

Can you think of any specific examples?

If there is a particular occasion or event where your nominee has bought energy or commitment to a task, then we want to hear about it, no matter how big or how small. Our judges will be wading through lots of nominations before they come together and select the winners, so don’t be afraid to provide a touching example. You wouldn’t be nominating this person if you didn’t think that they were the greatest. So go on and get that point across.

Give yourself enough time

We know that you’re busy and you’ve got lots going on, but make sure you give yourself enough time and don’t leave your nomination to the last minute so it’s the very best it can be. You’ve got until Monday 26 March to get yours in why don’t you pop the date in your diary as a reminder?