Which agency is right for me?

Learning isn’t confined to the classroom, which is why it’s important to take advantage of the many trips we offer at the School of Visual Communication. 

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students were recently given the opportunity to visit a variety of Manchester-based agencie

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students were recently given the opportunity to visit a variety of Manchester-based agencies to find out more about how different agencies work and to give them an idea of the types of roles available to them after they graduate. 

Whilst in Manchester students visited:

  • DeLineo, a digital marketing agency that focuses on brand content and campaigns, performance and social media, online experience and strategy.
  • Havas Lynx, a global healthcare communications agency focused on marketing, mobile development, public image and integrated campaigns.
  • Code Computer Love, a digital agency that looks at strategic planning, digital branding, product design and build, digital performance and content marketing.
  • APS Groupan international marketing services group  focusing on print management and production, agency services, branded environments, delivery and fulfilment, secure communications and marketing technology.

Students, Emily Warner and Emma Owens told us more about the visits and what they found most useful about the experience:

Why did you choose to go on the Manchester agencies visit?

Emily: I chose to go on the agency visits because advertising is the sector of design, I wish to work in. I have begun visiting agencies, gaining book critiques and work placements to begin finding what type of agency I would feel would be best for me. 

Emma: I went to the agency visits because I’m looking to move to Manchester after University, so wanted to see where I could possibly work or at least apply to.

What was your favourite part about the trip?

Emily: My favourite part was experiencing how the range of advertisement agencies approached their client briefs with different manifestos, ways of approaching and solving the creative challenges, and the way the agency functions when answering briefs.

Emma:I really enjoyed getting an insight into the different types of agencies available in Manchester. There was a broad range, showing smaller and larger agencies and get a feel of how their daily life is. All the agency staff and organisers were really accommodating and informative for what my hopefully near future will be like.

BA (Hons) Graphic Communication students were recently given the opportunity to visit a variety of Manchester-based agencies

What was the most important thing you learned from the visits?

Emily: This opportunity has enabled me to learn a lot more about advertisement agencies, gain help and advice and make new contacts and placement opportunities.

Emma: I learnt a lot about how to present myself to new agencies I’m applying for and how to make sure my portfolio would work to my best advantage for future jobs. I also got an idea of what my role as a designer in each agency would be.

Why is it useful to be able to visit agencies while you’re a student?

Emily: By having visits to agencies, I have found it a great way to meet people currently in the industry and be able to have the opportunity to ask questions, experience different working environments, and how their agency operates when answering a brief.

Emma:It’s super useful to see what life will be like after university. Especially seeing the environment and understanding how much work I will be responsible for with each agency.