BCU Graduate+

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    BCU Graduate+ awards programme.

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    BCU Graduate+ awards programme.

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    BCU Graduate+ awards programme.

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    BCU Graduate+ awards programme.

Graduate+ is an award framework which complements your degree. It is designed to capture and provide evidence to help you grow as a future graduate while preparing you for your individual career aspirations.

As a BCU student you are an automatic member of the Graduate+ community and we want to encourage you to get involved in the range of activities, events and opportunities available to you both inside and outside the university.

This is an amazing opportunity for you to develop and test your skills and graduate capabilities while getting you to step outside your comfort zone.

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BCU Graduate+ Award

Activities include:

  • Volunteering
  • Part-time work
  • Studying abroad
  • Placements
  • Societies and sports teams
  • Learning a language
  • Career tools

You will have a chance to experience and develop new ideas while making long-lasting network and social contacts throughout your time at University and beyond.

Graduate+ is the first scheme to receive employability endorsed status from Advance HE commending as follows:


Graduate+ is the first scheme to receive employability endorsed status from AdvanceHE - which recognises our commitment to ensuring our students receive the best preparation for life beyond the University.

To get started on your award or to find out more about Graduate+ and the resources available,
visit their website.

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The award

Activities and events are designed to reflect all that you do as you look to enter the graduate job market whilst developing personally and professionally. These can take place either inside or outside the University community giving you a chance to reflect and understand how this fits with your future.

Bronze award
Attend, explore, discover

Get to know what you like, what you don't like, what support you need and how to develop.

Silver award
Experience, test, build

An opportunity to build on the exploration and discovery stage by getting more involved.

Gold award
Extend, challenge, stretch

More in-depth experience, commitment, involvement and Professional practice.

Platinum award
Excel, accomplish, exceed

On completion of Gold, the newly formed Platinum level will allow for deeper reflection of each individual attribute, thus further consolidating your understanding.

Why get involved?

We believe that by taking part in BCU Graduate+ you’ll:

Get to know what you like and don't like
Network and build contacts
Step out of your comfort zone
Discover more about yourself
Develop a broad range of experiences
Reflect and articulate your skills and experiences

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