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Employer sponsorship: the basics

Thinking about a postgraduate degree? Great news! It may be possible to get funding from your employer. Sound good? keep reading.

This guide should tell you everything you need to negotiate with your employer and start studying a postgraduate course at Birmingham City University! After reading you can download our request template form to help with your funding request.

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Do your research

If your employer is going to help you fund your course, they are going to want to know how it will benefit the company. To persuade your employer, it’s important that you identify the benefits and potential struggles that studying for a postgraduate degree might involve. 

Making your request

After you’ve done your research you’ll be in a great position to make a business case to your employer. Your business case could be an informal meeting with your manager or part of your application (if there is a sponsorship policy in place), but whatever form it takes you should address the following concerns:

Top Tip

The best way to find out about employer sponsorship is to ask. Don’t be afraid. Sponsorship is not something that all employers offer but a good business case might sway them. Either way, it’s not an inappropriate question.

What next? Download our employer assistance template below to structure your request!

Employer assistance form

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