Tayyib Mahmood

Film Production Technology – BSc (Hons)

Tayyib had not initially considered going to university until he discovered BCU. His parents were worried about his career prospects because of his degree choice. However, the sense of belonging, personal support and professional teaching Tayyib experienced during his degree has helped him land his dream job – working on a Bond film for his first job.

"University wasn’t an option I considered when I was studying A Levels because I just wanted to go into a job straight away. My teacher then convinced me to take the opportunity to expand my skills through university. I started researching universities, considering where I could apply and where I wanted to go. When I found the Film Production Technology* course at BCU, I was a bit nervous as I did not have a science background and the course involves an element of science. However, I took a chance and applied, later finding it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

When I started at BCU, I was pretty intimidated and did not know how to interact with people. Let’s face it, no one is prepared on their first day at university. Luckily, I met people who were in the same boat as me and we just connected. I fitted right into the BCU community. I felt like I was at home, made many friends and joined a few societies in first year, including badminton and a film-making group.

The modules were very challenging when I began my degree. But I realised it was a natural thing to experience when starting a course. I overcame my apprehension by just putting my head down and cracking on. My lecturers always provided the help I needed so I never felt alone. Instead, I found that I loved all aspects of being a student. From the 24/7 library, to making new friends who I have made long term connections with, and just learning new things every day with the help of my lecturers.

BCU has provided me with plenty of support personally too. I was going through severe depression at several points of my degree, but BCU were very understanding and provided me extensions on my assignments. Without these extensions, I would not have passed my course.

My goals before I graduated were to work in industry so I could explore different departments and gain an understanding on what it is like to actually work on a film set. BCU helped me in regard to learning the skills needed for working on a film set. Stephen Gordon and Michael Bickerton were fundamental in this, both taught me the essentials on how to behave on a film set and what to do and what not to do. I am really glad that I had these lecturers who have helped me adapt, build and push my skill set as a crew member.

Using what I learnt in my course, I applied it to my CV which was critical for me landing a job on No Time to Die. I have accomplished what a lot of people in my position would love - working on a Hollywood blockbuster film straight out of university.

When I chose to go to BCU, my parents were convinced that going to university was a mistake; they were led to believe that my choice of career would not benefit me throughout the years. However, they have since changed their minds thanks to the experiences I have had during my degree and what I am doing now. The University has changed me by helping me become a mature individual and given me an understanding on how to conduct myself through my career.

I am proud to say 'I am BCU', as to me it means being a student at a university where everyone is given a fighting chance to achieve their aspirations and dreams. Not many universities would give their pupils the resources and help to achieve whatever they are aiming for."

*As of 2021, the course Film Production Technology is now titled Digital Film Production.

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