Tanya Shah

Architecture - BA (Hons)

Tanya's decision to resume her studies at 36 after an eighteen-year hiatus was heavily influenced by her dedication to her family.  The support she received from BCU allowed her to strike a balance and excel both as a student and a dedicated family person. This enriching experience transformed her, leaving her deeply grateful for the inclusive institution that embraced and empowered her family-focused journey.

“I started my degree at the age of 36. I came back to studying after an eighteen-year hiatus. I left university when I was younger, as I got married and started a family. I decided to bring up my children before returning back to university to study, hence the long break! I kept thinking for those eighteen years that I needed to get back into university, but I waited for the right time for me and my family. When I did eventually apply and got onto the foundation course, I was thrilled but apprehensive at the same time. I was initially concerned about being able to balance university and my family, but thankfully I was given so much support during my time at BCU.

My course has helped me to navigate what I want to achieve for my career goals. It has helped me to understand how to work in a team and alone too. It has also enabled me with the right tools and skills to help me excel in the career path I want to take.

I have changed so much over the 4 years I’ve been at BCU. My time here has taught me a lot, and I have enjoyed the time meeting people of all backgrounds and have made many friends from different countries and backgrounds, which has been a lovely experience! BCU is so diverse, and it is always a pleasure to be a part of that. Being put forward for several awards by my tutors has also helped boost my confidence and made me aware that I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

My time at BCU has been an emotional rollercoaster! Despite being out of education for a while, delving into Architecture has been both challenging and rewarding. Navigating through new skills like digital software, drawings, model making, and architectural history demanded great adaptability. The tutors have been incredible, always there to support and guide me. Seeing the results of my efforts fills me with indescribable joy and gratitude for this enriching experience.

Being a part of BCU fills me with immense pride and joy; it's an inclusive and diverse community that embraces everyone. The recognition and nominations for awards have boosted my confidence and taught me the importance of setting ambitious goals. BCU's unwavering support has empowered me to surpass my own expectations and feel valued and cherished. This transformative experience has made me grateful for belonging to such an inclusive institution.”