Liam Davies

Sports Coaching and Physical Education - BSc (Hons)

Liam has always had a passion for sports coaching. When he saw that BCU could help him turn his passion into a career, he jumped straight in. He is now pushing himself out of his comfort zone and working with sports teams and coaches across the UK.

“I always had university as my priority after finishing A-levels but was never set on what course I wanted to do and if I wanted to move away from home or not. Coaching has been my passion since the age of 15 and when this course was presented to me, I knew I had to attend an open day to find out more.

When I attended an Open Day at City South Campus, I was instantly attracted to the inclusive environment and energetic vibe. I had really interesting conversations with the course tutors about coaching and teaching, it was clear that at BCU I would be able to develop not only my coaching and teaching ability but also grow as an individual.

When I first joined BCU, all the staff were amazing in welcoming me and making me feel part of the BCU community. Every student is made to feel equal. On my course, myself and the other students all have an amazing relationship with each other and are always willing to help each other out with things both inside and outside of course studies.

I have settled in really well into the BCU community, in particular through the men’s football society. I Captained the Men’s first team in Varsity 2022 and have been elected as the president of Men’s football this year. I also lived in university accommodation which helped me quickly gain my own independence. I lived with a fantastic group of like-minded students, which helped me settle in and enjoy the university experience.

My employability has increased massively since joining BCU. I’ve been able to take on so many football coaching opportunities. I have been fortunate to build a fantastic UK-wide network within football coaching, allowing me to collaborate with experienced coaches. As a result, my knowledge of the principles within coaching and sport in general has excelled. My placements within my course and other work experience have boosted my employability and knowledge of my subject area. Plus, I have grown in confidence and my ability to put myself in demanding situations, some of which may be out of my comfort zone, but I know will help me grow as an individual.

By the time I graduate I hope to have gained experience working in an elite football coaching environment and continued to build my network within the industry. I feel that through my presence on social media, continued work ethic and opportunities on my course, I am well on my way to achieving this. I always set high standards for myself which can make life difficult sometimes, but I know that the staff at BCU will always be there to support me.

I came into university wanting to grow and become the best possible version of myself, and this university and city has done just that. To me, ‘I AM BCU’, means being part of a successful, vibrant, energetic and accepting learning environment that I’m very proud to be a part of."