Student living costs

How much does it cost to be a student?

It's important to get to grips with your incomings and outgoings when you first start your course. You're probably wondering how much you should be budgeting for groceries, accommodation, bills and just general day-to-day costs. See our round-up of how much you can expect to spend as a student.


Olivia tells you everything you need to know about student finance and budgeting. Get a head start with our tips to guarantee you won't be living on pot noodles for the year.

Commuting vs Living in halls

There are pros and cons to the question of whether you should commute to uni and live at home, or strike out on your own and live in halls. Of course, this all depends on whether your home is close enough to uni to commute, or whether you would prefer a taste of independence while studying. Our students share their experiences, and how much they spend, on these different university lifestyles.

Spending as a commuter student

Mollie lives at home and commutes to our City South Campus, see how much she spends and what tips she has to share.

Mollie's budgeting tips

Spending in halls

Emily lived in student accommodation during her first year and has learnt how to spend wisely on a student budget. Find out how much she spends and her top tips.

Emily's budgeting advice


We want all our students to achieve their full potential. With our High Achiever and Accelerate Scholarships, you could receive extra funding and support to kick start your BCU journey.

More budgeting advice

Balancing work and university

Business Management student Caitlin shares her real-life experience of what it’s like to balance a part-time job with university work and assignments.

Caitlin's experience

Save money as a commuter

Living at home during uni can often be a lot cheaper than living in student halls, but the costs of commuting can still add up. We’ve got four ways to keep your budget in check whilst you’re at uni.

Budgeting tips

Perks of being a student

You may be put off by terms like ‘loan’ and the associated debt that goes with being a student. However, it isn’t all bad. In fact, there is quite a lot of good. Here are some of the financial benefits and perks of being a uni student.

Student financial benefits

Poku Banks' top ten tips for being finance savvy at university

We asked top finance influencer Poku Banks to share his advice on how to manage your finances when you arrive at university.

Poku's top tips

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