The nature and characteristics of spree killings

Analysing the characteristics of the perpetrators of spree killings to guide public policy and inform investigative practices concerning spree killings. 

The nature and characteristics of spree killings large


Research background 

Spree killings are occurring with increasing frequency across the world, and represent a range of investigative challenges. At present, there is little research into the nature, characteristics and attributes of spree killings or the individuals who perpetrate these offences. The project involves the compilation of case, media and court reports on spree killings and mass shootings, to derive as comprehensive as possible a sample which can then be used to examine base rate occurrences of associated offence actions, and to explore the relationships between these and the backgrounds of offenders. This will facilitate the identification of different sub-categories of spree killing incident, and the provision of information on the likely antecedent factors of each of these, which can be used for guiding policy and informing investigative practices in relation to such incidents.

Research aims

Evidence gathered will be drawn upon in helping guide law enforcement agencies in dealing with this ever-growing phenomenon.

This project is ongoing.