Research and Enterprise

The Centre for Applied Criminology (CAC) is strongly committed to excellence in research of all aspects of criminology and the criminal justice system. It has a well established reputation for promoting ‘public criminology’ - bridging the gap between the academy and the public.

Boasting a high calibre of members within the Centre who are renowned for their international reputations as world leaders in their specialist areas, our team is in high demand as speakers, peer reviewers and editorial advisors for numerous journals.

Two members of CAC are editors of peer review journals with specific areas of interest including:

  • penology – especially prison health and the impact of the arts on recidivism
  • the phenomenon of serial murder
  • international terrorism and its impact on domestic policy
  • policing
  • sexual offending
  • the occupational health of criminal justice professionals.

CAC’s impressive track record for research in a diverse range of subject areas has ensured the Centre’s involvement with countless high profile, innovative projects. These include the ground-breaking 'Continuing Positive Change in Prison and Community' in alliance with the Good Vibrations project. This looked at the impact of the Arts in the criminal justice system - in this instance, the form of Gamelan music and how it could be used to rehabilitate offenders and equip them with new skills and a sense of community. CAC also has well established links with HMP Grendon - the only prison in Europe to operate as a therapeutic community.

Professor David Wilson (Director of CAC) works alongside two visiting Professors – Donal MacIntyre and Michael Brookes – both of whom have distinguished professional backgrounds in investigative journalism and prisons respectively. For more information about research in this area, please email: