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  • Dr Sarah Pemberton

    Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Deputy Head of Department

    Having initially studied Social Policy as an undergraduate Sarah became immersed in the study of the social world, this served as the foundation for an unrelenting interest in social research which she pursues to this day. 

  • Shona Robinson-Edwards

    PhD Researcher and Assistant Lecturer in Criminology

    Shona Robinson - Edwards is a PhD Researcher and Assistant Lecturer in Criminology at Birmingham City University. Offending, Rehabilitation, Religion and Desistance are Shona’s areas of interest, reflected in her current PhD study which looks at the role of Religion in the Lives of Offenders Convicted of Homicide Offences.

  • Dr Keith Spiller

    Senior Lecturer in Criminology / Course Director for MA in Security Studies

    Dr. Keith Spiller’s  research focuses on the social consequences of surveillance and monitoring, with an emphasis on the impact of governmental regulatory policy. His recent book examines new forms of public duty mandated by the UK Counter Terrorism and Security Act and its bearing on the educational sector. 

  • Cristiana Viana Cardoso

    PhD Researcher and Assistant Lecturer in Criminology

    Cristiana Cardoso was appointed as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in 2016 and is now studying towards her PhD. Alongside her studies, she is an Assistant Lecturer at Birmingham City University and teaches on a number of undergraduate Criminology modules.

  • Dr Andrew Whiting

    Senior Lecturer in Security Studies and Criminology

    Dr Andrew Whiting   research currently spans two main areas.    The first concerns the constitutive effects of various different security discourses and their impact upon wider collective understandings and security practices.    This work has included investigating constructions of terrorism and cyber‑security within...

  • Professor David Wilson

    Emeritus Professor

    David Wilson is a former prison governor and expert on serial killers through his work with various British police forces, academic publications, books, and media appearances. Most recently he appeared on the Channel 5 documentary, Serial Killers.

  • Professor Elizabeth Yardley

    Professor of Criminology

    Professor Elizabeth Yardley is passionate about making a difference to the lives of those affected by violence and challenging the myths and stereotypes around crime.

17 items found, viewing items 11 to 17.

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