Criminologists publish 50 facts about crime we all should know


A new book by criminologists Dr Adam Lynes and Professor James Treadwell will reveal the myths and realities of crime in modern Britain.

Released this week, ’50 Facts Everyone Should Know About Crime & Punishment in Britain’ features contributions from crime and policing experts across the UK on topics including prisons and technology.

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Birmingham City University

Facts disclosed in the book include the average yearly cost of keeping one person in prison and the billion-pound figure costing the government each year to tackle drug trafficking.

Examining the reasoning behind each of the facts and its impact on crime, the book draws on sources and leading experts including Professor David Wilson and Professor Elizabeth Yardley.

“Did you know that almost 50% of stalkers present themselves at their victim’s workplace or that in the last decade there have been more than two million deliberate fires in the UK? They’re just a couple of facts explored in the book,” added Dr Lynes.

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