Dr Ryan Scoats

Ryan Scoats

Lecturer in Sociology

School of Social Sciences

Dr Ryan Scoats gained his BA (Hons) and Master of Research from the University of Bath, and his PhD in Sociology from the University of Winchester (2017). He has previously been a lecturer in Sports Sociology at both Wolverhampton and Winchester Universities, lecturer in Sociology at Coventry University, and a researcher at Birmingham City University in the Faculty of Health.

Much of Dr Scoats’ research focuses on people’s experiences of threesomes. Utilising a sociological perspective, his threesome research starts to fill the gap in academic knowledge around group sex as well as reducing the stigma around this behaviour and encouraging more open and honest dialogues around sexual desires. It also highlights how people come to have threesomes, their motivations, and what these sexual encounters tell us about wider changes and developments in society.

He also conducts research in the broader areas of gender, sexuality, and relationships. Some of his recent research focuses on consensual non-monogamy and access to healthcare, women’s experiences in the male dominated arena of modern tabletop board games, and young men’s expressions and displays of masculinity.

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