Lamin Daffeh

Image of Deal Or No Deal contestant and children's right's campaigner Lamin Daffeh

Doctoral researcher


Lamin is a postgraduate researcher and visiting lecturer within the University's School of Law

Lamin’s research looks into the cultural barriers surrounding children’s rights to education. “The popular narrative for African children not attending school is that it’s only due to poverty,” Lamin says. “However, it goes deeper than that. My PhD looks at the cultural influences as one of the main barriers to children’s rights to education – for example, some people living in indigenous African societies believe that the western system of education is taking away their culture and identity. They believe that education is a luxury enjoyed by only children in London and New York.”

While this issue affects both genders, female students are particularly marginalised from attending school. “Some parents believe that by the time girls have turned 16, they should be getting married rather than continuing with education,” Lamin says.They want them out of school to help with household chores.”

Lamin successfully opened a school in his home country in 2013. 

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