PGRs present their work with a twist at Inside//Out festival

Inside Out Festival 2019

Postgraduate researchers from across the University’s four faculties gathered to showcase their findings in a fun and unique way at the annual Inside//Out festival.

Bringing PhD students together

Hosted by the PGR Studio, based within the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media, Inside//Out festival brings PhD students together to present, discuss and exhibit their research. It also provides attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about what peoples’ research entails.

However, the festival – which launched successfully in 2018 – is far from a standard set of presentations. Attendees remain totally in the dark as to when they’ll have to present, with names popping up randomly on the overhead screens. Not only that, but when presentation time arrives, they only have five minutes to describe their work.

Breadth of research

This year’s festival showcased the breadth and talent of the University’s research community. Susie Self presented her research through the medium of song, performing a selection of vignettes from her forthcoming opera while also playing the piano, while others also showcased their work through more unconventional means.

"It is really important for PhD students to have opportunities, like the Inside//Out festival, to present, share and learn from one another," says Bayley Morris, who was one of the postgraduate researchers presenting and is part of the Faculty of Heath, Education and Life Sciences. "It was a supportive space which helped to build my confidence in getting my research 'out there'. It was motivational to hear the diverse and innovate ideas of others and to receive supportive feedback. Plus, the balloons, glitter canon and pizza added to the fun!"