Gemma Williams

Gemma Williams

Research Fellow


Gemma holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology, from University of Birmingham, and has over ten years’ experience of conducting research and evaluation within the public sector (including the Probation Service and Birmingham City Council).  Her research areas included: the effectiveness of accredited offender groupwork programmes, the experiences of women and BME offenders under probation supervision, and the impact of Birmingham’s Preventing Violent Extremism Strategy.  The outcomes of Gemma’s work were used to advise on policy and strategy, and she has presented the findings at several national conferences.

Prior to joining Birmingham City University in October 2017, Gemma worked within Higher Education for over 6 years within a research support role.  Gemma has knowledge of policy and process around issues such as sponsorship, governance and integrity, with a specific focus and expertise in research ethics (including NHS ethics).

Gemma’s research interests include women’s health (focussing upon menstruation), the experiences of people with chronic health conditions, and mental health. She is currently undertaking a PhD, looking at menstrual equity and chronic health.

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