Video diaries

Ross Golightly - BSc (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing

"I was doing a degree in something completely unrelated to health a few years ago (Film Studies and Journalism to be precise) in the summer after my second year I went to work at a summer camp which just happened to be for children and adults with a variety of learning disabilities, I had no prior experience in caring for disabled people but was hired as I was willing to learn. To say I loved the experience was an understatement.

"I returned to camp for a second summer after graduating and then moved home and ended up with a job in care as due to the economy media jobs were hard to come by. I loved my job in care and returned to camp two more times. Students from a nearby university came to my work on placement and in speaking to them I came across Learning Disability Nursing, I discussed what the course was like and where the qualification could take them.

"I applied to Birmingham City University as the course looked really innovative regarding the facilities and teaching methods. Coming to the University is the best decision I have made and although I love the experience of university and placements I can’t wait to get out there when I’m qualified. The staff are really supportive and encourage and support students to develop into professionals. I’m also honoured that I have been chosen to vlog about my various experiences I’ve had since being on the course."

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Michele Prosser - BSc (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing

"My original interest in working with people with learning disabilities came from my time in the educational sector working with children who attended special educational needs schools

"I had always been interested in a career in nursing and so when an opportunity for me to apply for learning disability nursing arose I jumped at the chance.

"I am now in my second year of training and I have already experienced so much. The beauty of training in the learning disability field is that we have the opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of ages with people who have a whole range of health needs. I am still unsure of what area of learning disability nursing I wish to pursue once I qualify, although I know there are plenty of avenues to explore.

"I am glad that I chose Birmingham City University to take my training. The university itself is welcoming with state of the art facilities and plenty of resources for support throughout your studies. In addition, the staff team are approachable with years of experience and over the three years you will get to know them very well."

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