Progression agreements

What is a Progression Agreement?

A Progression Agreement (PA) is an arrangement between colleges and universities which spells out the value of a vocational qualification so that learners can see how to progress onto a higher level course.

Birmingham City University has a number of PAs with local schools and colleges to help you progress through your Further Education (FE) qualifications (A levels, BTECs, NVQs etc) and apply for entry to University courses. PAs can also help you if you have no recognised qualifications, but do have relevant job experience.

Where a PA is in place it will clearly show what you need to achieve within your current FE studies to enable you to be eligible to apply for entry onto specific Birmingham City University courses.

Application with a PA

If you are applying to Birmingham City University using a PA via UCAS, you will need to indicate this on your application by inserting the letters ‘PA’ into the ‘Further Details’ box when filling in your course choice, if this is covered under a PA.