Top tips

You've done all your preparation, now read through our tips to ensure you make the most of your interview experience on the day.


Don’t talk TOO much! We want to hear about your skills and experience but it’s also important to keep to the point!


Maintain natural eye contact. Don’t stare us out or anything, but also don’t look at the floor... Just think about the normal eye contact you would make with a friend when you’re having a chat.


Don’t make inappropriate jokes or share horror stories! Of course we want you to smile and be yourself, but we’re looking for the next generation of professionals and want to know you can behave appropriately.


Don’t be negative but if you must be negative, show how you turned it into a positive.


Conduct yourself in a manner that shows you are free from bias and are happy to treat and work with anyone from a cross-section of cultures and society.


Finally...Enjoy it! We’re not looking to trip you up – we want you to do well. You’ve put in the hard work so now it’s your opportunity to shine!