How to prepare

Once you’ve got your interview confirmed, you can start preparing! Don’t worry, with a little planning you can ensure your interview day will be a success. Here are our top tips:

    1. Observe the world around you. What stories and events are affecting contemporary health and social care? What’s your opinion on the latest news?

    2. Research and understand the role and responsibilities of a healthcare professional. Could you meet the expectations? Use this exercise as a chance to reflect on your own character. Remember this might not be a career with regular hours!

    3. Read the NHS constitution and familiarise yourself with the NHS values. These values underpin the key attributes of all healthcare professionals. Consider your previous relevant experience. Make a list of your qualifying personal qualities – you may be surprised at all the rich, relevant experiences you’ve had! Think about how you can demonstrate Teamwork, Care and Dedication. But be honest - made up stories will cast doubt on your integrity (an essential attribute of a healthcare professional). Read the NHS constitution.

    4. If you have time, try to get some hands on experience. Nothing beats exposure to a real healthcare or therapy environment.

    5. Have your documents ready. If you need to show any documents, they will be listed in your email from admissions. Make sure you have them to hand familiarise yourself again with your all-important personal statement!

    6. Plan some questions. Remember this is your chance to find out about us too – so talk to us when you get the chance!

    7. Think about what you're going to wear. Try to dress smartly. We want to see that you appreciate and respect that you’ll have to adhere to a dress code both on placement and once you enter the workplace as a qualified professional.

    8. Make sure you know what time your interview is.  Promptness is an integral part of professional conduct, and it will also make the process less stressful for you if you are ready in good time, with all your technology working.