HELS interviews additional information Additional information

Here’s some additional information you might need for specific courses:

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing

The interview process will consist of an interview with two members of staff, one of which may be from the practice area or a service user. As part of the interview process you will be shown two scenarios from practice.  Your observations and understanding of these scenarios will be scored alongside additional questions related to patient care and the values of the nursing profession. This will help us decide whether to offer you a place to study Adult Nursing with us.

BSc (Hons) Child Nursing

You will need to answer questions from real service users. Service users can often feel vulnerable. Your answers will be scored to help us assess whether the career is a good fit for you. 

BSc (Hons) Learning Disability Nursing

Your interview will typically take up to an hour. You will need to answer questions submitted by real service users during the interview. Service users can often feel vulnerable; this exercise helps to create an authentic, simulated experience. Your answers will be scored to help us assess whether the career is a good fit for you.  

You will need to respond to a given case study, which will reflect a typical scenario, demonstrating how you would support someone holistically. Your response will help us to assess not only your communication and comprehension skills, but also your understanding of the role of the nurse.

BSc (Hons) Mental Health Nursing

Your interview will be completed by a member of the mental health nursing academic staff plus either one of our local trust clinicians or an expert by experience (EBE). This will provide you with opportunities to: discuss a common scenario experienced by mental health student nurses (e.g. how would you respond during a clinical placement if a service user informed you that they were feeling low in mood); demonstrate your understanding of the role and qualities of the mental health nurse; and to share your reasons for choosing this fields of nursing.

MSci and MSc Nursing courses (all fields/field combinations)

  • All interviews will follow a group interview format and last 45 minutes.
  • Everyone will be asked the same questions and will be scored individually.
  • Scores will be combined for each question for each applicant and the offer of a place will be based on this score.
  • You will be interviewed by two people who will record the interview and then dispose of the recording in line with GDPR.
  • In order to best prepare for a group interview process we would advise that you: plan an introduction (consider how you will introduce yourself to others); research nursing as a profession; speak with confidence and be respectful (carefully consider your own views and the views of others); listen and observe (consider how you will build on conversation); and think about what questions you might like to ask the panel.

Midwifery courses (BSc (Hons), MSci and MSc)

  • You are required to participate within multiple mini-interview (MMI) style stations, some of which are scenario based questions. This format is used to assess qualities such as cultural sensitivity, maturity, teamwork, empathy, reliability and communication skills.
  • You must demonstrate evidence of literacy, numeracy and IT skills, in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council requirements. These are assessed by qualifications as set out in your applications and by your engagement with the online MMI interview process.
  • Our multiple mini-interview style selection process draws on the value-based selection processes often used by the NHS to recruit staff. We will be looking at you as a person, your values, your communication and problem-solving skills. We won't just be expecting you to know what the NHS 6Cs are, we'll be looking at how you demonstrate those 6 Cs within your responses to our scenarios.
  • We recommend that prior to your interview that you check your wifi connection and IT equipment are working correctly.
  • Smile, make eye contact with your interviewer, and try to relax and enjoy yourself. This is about selling yourself as a student and a potential midwife.
  • Remember practice makes perfect so do think about asking someone you trust to give you a ‘mock’ interview prior to the big day.
  • Have a drink to hand and your ID. Good luck!
  • Please note: if you apply for both the BSc (Hons) and the MSci in Midwifery, you will only be required to complete one interview.